• Continuous improvement of innovation development system 
  • Continuous evolvement and implementation of innovative technologies
  • Monitoring and integrating the world’s headmost expertise  
  • Technological training for the company specialists


  • Expenses control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Continuous corporate management system enhancement


Commodity Trading

We focus on Commodity products mainly on HFSO (Heavy Fuil), Petrochemical Products, Aluminiumoxide, NE-Metal and Calcium Oxide.

Our strength is to create business projects together with our partners with the aim to earn their trust for a fruitful cooperation. We offer the flexibility to develop networks of trust with a number of options, to suit different buyers needs and improve transaction transparency and reduce the likelihood of disputes & claims between counterparties.

Fuel Oil Classes per BS 2869:

Class Type Min. kinematic viscosity Max. kinematic viscosity Min. flash point Max. sulfur content Alias
E Residual - 8.200 mm2/s at 100 °C 66 °C 1.000 % (m/m) Light fuel oil, LFO, 250-second oil
F Residual 8.201 mm2/s at 100 °C 20.000 mm2/s at 100 °C 66 °C 1.000 % (m/m) Medium fuel oil, MFO, 1000-second oil
G Residual 20.010 mm2/s at 100 °C 40.000 mm2/s at 100 °C 66 °C 1.000 % (m/m) Heavy fuel oil, HFO, 3500-second oil