• Continuous improvement of innovation development system 
  • Continuous evolvement and implementation of innovative technologies
  • Monitoring and integrating the world’s headmost expertise  
  • Technological training for the company specialists


  • Expenses control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Continuous corporate management system enhancement


Industrial Equipment

The company offers not only the equipment, but a complex service including equipment and spare parts delivery, mounting, quality control, transportation, customs clearance, certification and approvals, after-sales service and engineering support of your order.

The main business activity of the company covers the following directions:

  • technologies and equipment in the following spheres:
    • oil and gas
    • iron and nonferrous metallurgy
    • pre-dressing and mining industries
  • production of spare parts and customized equipment according to the technical requirements of the client
  • production of customized metal ware
  • industrial foundry
  • industrial automatic machinery
  • cable production
  • inspection equipment

NDA GmbH offers a range of services for making products according to specific requirements of the client. We pay special attention to OEM/ ODM clients, who look for customized decisions. Our client base is represented by major manufacturers of industrial products.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a company which manufactures and sells its goods to another company. The latter uses these goods to make its own equipment under its own trade mark after rebranding the original goods.

OEM partnership generally involves companies which have a well known trade mark – a brand and appropriate image. They are ready to produce a range of products, but due to certain reasons possess neither manufacture structures, nor technologies for production. These reasons may include economic inexpedience of investing into high technologies or avoiding risks of branch decline connected with buying production capacities.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is a company which produces or designs a product according to technical specifications of another company. The designed or manufactured product will be used under the trade mark of the second company. However, the intellectual property rights for the product belong to the ODM. This model of partnership is often used in international trade whenever there is a need to reduce expenditures through hiring cheaper work force, optimizing transportation costs or locating the manufacture close to the target market.