• Continuous improvement of innovation development system 
  • Continuous evolvement and implementation of innovative technologies
  • Monitoring and integrating the world’s headmost expertise  
  • Technological training for the company specialists


  • Expenses control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Continuous corporate management system enhancement

Social accountability

  • Environmental  and industrial safety
  • Safe working conditions assurance
  • Health care
  • Improving the employees’ and their families’ living standards
  • Supporting education
  • Investing in regional social and economic development


Iron and Steel Industry

Together with the technological center of the incorporated RUSAL Company we have designed, manufactured and applied an anode holder which has been put into work in electrolytic production on the Sayanogorsk Aluminum plant in Russian Federation. The anode holder consists of an aluminum bar and a three-unit steel corbel 180 mm in diameter. The contact between the bar and the corbel is executed with a welded bimetallic plate.

The implementation of the upgraded anode holder has enabled to decrease the number of major repair works as well as to lower electricity expenses due to high electro conductivity of the construction. The electro conductivity indices have been increased due to the quality of the three-unit corbelís casting (chill casting) and weight enhancement of the construction. In addition a new connection technology has been applied in this construction.