• Continuous improvement of innovation development system 
  • Continuous evolvement and implementation of innovative technologies
  • Monitoring and integrating the world’s headmost expertise  
  • Technological training for the company specialists


  • Expenses control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Continuous corporate management system enhancement

Social accountability

  • Environmental  and industrial safety
  • Safe working conditions assurance
  • Health care
  • Improving the employees’ and their families’ living standards
  • Supporting education
  • Investing in regional social and economic development


Silicon processing

Principal activity categories:

  1. Silicon raw material purchase for production of solar wafers, cells, modules
  2. Scrap and secondary raw material refinement from quartz impurities
  3. Silicon material testing by:
    • Specific electric resistance,
    • Polarity of conductivity (P/N), silicon percentage test by impurities.
  4. Cooperation with enterprises in mono- and polycrystalline ingot growth, plate cutting, module production on a give and take basis.
  5. Packing of processed silicon in tare, conforming to the international standard of transportation.
  6. Silicon raw material and finished product export.

Silicon raw material purchase

Silicon processing

Sell silicon products