• Standige Ausbildung des Inovationentwicklungssystems
  • Stetige Ausarbeitung und Einfuhrung der Innovationtechnologien
  • Monitoring und Adaptation der progressiven Welterfahrung
  • Technologische Ausbildung der Spezialisten


  • Aufwandkontrolle
  • Logistikoptimisierung
  • Energiesparende Technologien
  • Kontinuierliche Vervollkommnung  des Korporationsleitungssystems


Space Power Solution

We provide commercial and international customers with advanced and diverse solutions encompassing a wide array of applications including civil space exploration, science and earth observation, and commercial telecommunications industries. The greatest share of our deliveries is fully assembled solar panels which are also widely used on space missions providing power for satellites. Based on a customerís specifications for maximum area, operating temperature and voltage, and the mission environment and duration, our engineers maximize performance for End of Life performance. The solar cells complies with the highest reliability under severe space radiation environment and thermal stress conditions. Our own solar cell technology powers spacecrafts and many commercial satellites produced today. The manufacturing technology, infrastructure, and systems are therefore highly developed and application tested.