• Continuous improvement of innovation development system 
  • Continuous evolvement and implementation of innovative technologies
  • Monitoring and integrating the world’s headmost expertise  
  • Technological training for the company specialists


  • Expenses control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Continuous corporate management system enhancement


About the Company

Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau GmbH works to accomplish industrial projects which include implementing prime contracts in behalf of large and small enterprises operating in metallurgic, mining and concentrating as well as oil-extracting fields of European Union and South-East Asia.

Our company operates across the above stated territories of European Union and South-East Asia and employs highly qualified engineers. The company personnel consist of full-time staff as well as specialists engaged in accomplishment of the running projects. Our company is committed to close cooperation with leading research and production institutions of European Union, Taiwan as well as professional engineers' and manufacturer's trade associations of South-East Asia.

We aim to provide the full range of services as per executing industrial projects starting with processing technical design specifications up to delivering projects to the ultimate Consumer.

Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau GmbH is committed to ensure the quality of the materials entered. We undertake the responsibility to monitor the technological process and implement production testing and acceptance across the country of production origin. We also provide full logistic tracking, installation supervision and start- up on the territory of our Customer.